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Spirit jailbreak

Here a video on how to jailbreak ALL apple devices (ipod touch, iphone)

Download Spirit: http://spiritjb.com/

Step by Step on how to jailbreak:
1- Connect your ipod touch/iphone to your computer.
2- Open Spirit
3- Press jailbreak
4- Wait for it to finish ''restoring''

Step by Step on how to make it work:

1- Open up Cydia (And it will automatically close that's normal)
2- Open up Cydia again
3- It will say: Who are you?
4- Click User(if it's your first time jailbreaking and you know nothing about jailbreaks)
5- It will say you need Essentials Upgrades
6- Press Complete upgrade.

IMPORTANT: This jailbreak works on all iphones/ipod touches/ipads with software 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 (NO 4.0 YET)

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